what to do when clear coat begins to peel

4 Auto Body Repairs To Keep Your Car Looking New And Preserve Its Resale Value

When you buy a new car, you may not be giving the resale value much thought, but it can make a difference when it comes time to trade it in or sell it. Therefore, you want to do the maintenance and repairs that are required to preserve its value, which includes auto body repairs. Here are some of the auto body repairs and maintenance that will be needed to preserve the resale value of your car: Read More 

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what to do when clear coat begins to peel

Do you have a car that has a peeling clear coat on the hood, roof or trunk lid? I bought a car from a very nice old man. That car was in perfect running condition and had very low miles on it, but it didn't look very nice. The clear coat had begun to peel on the trunk and the hood. I took it to an auto body professional to find out what could be done to improve the way the car looks. This blog will give you several ideas about what you can do to improve the appearance of vehicles with poor paint jobs and peeling clear coat.