what to do when clear coat begins to peel

How Do You Wax Your Car?

Waxing your car not only gives it a smooth, shiny appearance, but it also helps to protect the paint job. Whether you just got a new paint job or you want to keep it looking nice, these tips will help you wax your own car.

Wax on the Right Day

A common mistake made by people who are not familiar with waxing their car is doing so on a hot day. It is important to choose a day where there is minimal sun, preferably on a cloudy day. However, also be sure there is not the risk of rain or snow. A slightly cloudy day with some cover or parking your car in a shady area on a hot day is ideal. If it is too hot and sunny, the wax will dry too quickly and cause a distorted appearance.

Wash the Car Thoroughly

Your car should always be washed before you wax it. Even if you washed it just a few days ago and it looks clean, it is still a good idea to wash it once more. Pay close attention to the areas of the car that don't often get scrubbed. Leaving behind buildup or grime could cause uneven spots when you apply the wax. Use a high-quality car soap and a soft sponge when washing it. Make sure you rinse it well and allow it to dry completely before you start waxing it.

Apply the Wax Product

Once your vehicle is fully clean and dry, it is time to start applying the wax product. The brand of the wax isn't nearly as important as how it is applied, though going for a high-quality wax is always a good idea. Most auto supply stores will sell a variety of different types of vehicle wax. Regardless of the type of applicator or container the wax comes in, make sure you apply it using an application pad or buffer. You should never put the wax directly onto the car. This includes liquid wax that comes in a squirt bottle and wax in a tub. Collect the wax on the buffer first, then apply it over your car.

Work in Small Sections

When you start applying the wax, remember to work in smaller sections. Think of about five different sections of your vehicle and wax just one section at a time. This is often the front of the vehicle, back, each side, and the top of the vehicle. You want the buffer to be moving constantly over the area you are applying wax with smooth, even strokes. Don't worry too much about using circles or lines, as long as you are consistent and keep the buffer moving continuously.

After you have completed all sections, use a polishing pad on the car to give it a great shine. If you don't feel confident in your ability to wax the car, you can get it done by a local auto body shop such as Westside Fender/Body & Refinishing.

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what to do when clear coat begins to peel

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